For details, refer to the full-length AYAB manual.

1. Install the Hardware into your Machine


Installation Video



2. Download and Install AYAB Software

Information about this in the Software Section

3. Installation of the Arduino Driver

In the case you do NOT have the Arduino IDE on the computer already:
To install the Arduino Driver, run the following for 64 bit Windows:\


or this for 32 bit Windows: \


not necessary, it is assumed that avrdude is available in the PATH

4. Running the AYAB Software

Run ayab.exe from the installation folder

Linux: \


5. Flashing (loading) the AYAB Firmware into the Arduino (necessary first time only – unless you have loaded other software recently!)

(find a video tutorial

  1. Make sure that the Arduino is connected to the computer via the USB cable and Port
    (Advice: If this is the first-time installation of the firmware, the beeper might beep continuously. To prevent this, just unplug the beeper until the firmware has been uploaded for the first time)
  2. Start AYAB GUI
  3. Menu Tools -> Load AYAB Firmware
  4. Choose the port the Arduino is connected to
    (probably COM4 (Windows) or /dev/ttyACM0 (Linux))
  5. Choose your Arduino model (UNO or MEGA)
  6. Choose the latest firmware version (latest)
  7. Klick the Flash Button, wait 10 seconds
  8. Close the Firmware Flashing Utility
  9. The Arduino should now be ready to knit!

Important for Linux Users:
Before trying to flash the firmware, you have to make sure that your user has got sufficient rights to use the USB port:

sudo usermod -a -G tty [userName]
sudo usermod -a -G dialout [userName]

4. Knitting

Here is a Video Tutorial by Zaubermerline (german text):

  1. Prepare your machine to knit patterns (knit some rows)
  2. Make sure that the Arduino is connected to the computer via USB
  3. Start AYAB GUI
  4. Use Load File to open the image file with your pattern from the hard disk
  5. Choose the port the Arduino is connected to
    (probably COM4 (Windows) or /dev/ttyACM0 (Linux))
  6. Configure the knitting parameters
    • Amount of colours (2 - 6, more than 2 are experimental currently)
    • Start Line
    • Start Needle/Stop Needle
    • Pattern position (left, centered, right)
    • Machine Type (Singlebed or Doublebed)
  7. Click Configure
  8. Click Knit!
  9. Follow the instructions on the screen