When I want to start knitting, I get a "Wrong API" error
The firmware version on the Arduino does not match your AYAB GUI version.
Please load the appropriate firmware version to the Arduino (AYAB GUI v0.8 -> Arduino Firmware v0.8)
What do you mean with "initialize the machine"?
  • Load picture
  • Select the correct Serial-Port
  • Set Start- and Stop needle
  • Click configure
  • Click knit
  • Set the carriage on KC
  • Pass the left Sensor with the carriage from left to right
Now you should hear a double-beep from the shield and the Software should start transferring the picture line by line.
Initialisation went fine, but all needles get set on position D
  • Check if the machine is switched on and the power cord is plugged in
  • Check if the solenoid connectors are connected properly
  • Check the machine main fuse (see Brother service manual)
There is no beep when passing the carriage to a certain side, and afterwards it just knits a blank line
Please check your hall sensor connections (bad contact, wrong orientation of the connectors).
I get a straight vertical line trough the graphic when I'm knitting
Please check if the needles which cause the error are able to move freely. If they get stuck, it causes them to stay in one position.
v0.8 on Mac OS X: I can't flash my Arduino using AYAB GUI
That's right, it seems that flashing is not possible in this version. Either you are able to flash the firmware hex file manually using another tool (e.g. avrdude) or you use a Windows or Linux computer for flashing with the AYAB GUI.