Dear friends of AYAB,

Since today (01.12.2015) there are AYAB-Shields available to purchase online. This time not as prefabricated modules, but as kits for self-soldering. But don’t worry, we have removed all SMD components, so the Shields can be build by amateur solderers.

The Kits are available for KH-910, KH-930 and KH-950 on (only in German for now)
If you’re not sure, please read the soldering guide before (only in German too, sorry. But with many pictures :).

Our AYAB software got several improvements and new features too. The most important are:

  • One-click Start -> Automatic detection of machine initialization
  • Graphical display of the start / stop needles
  • Graphical display of current line
  • Test Mode for the machine sensors

and many more.

The new software version will be released with the next few hours.

Important: Be sure to update the firmware of the Arduino to version 0.8 to use the self-solder shield and the new features.

Have fun with the new AYAB software!
And to all AYAB newbies: Have a lot of fun during soldering.
We are looking forward to your pictures from AYAB-knitted Xmas-gifts (

Your AYAB team