Last weekend, we made a trip to Berlin, visiting Victoria in the Electronic & Textile Institute Berlin.

You can find a detailled report of the visit on her homepage.

We had a really good time there, especially we were able to have a detailled look at the Brother models we were not offically supporting yet.
We could finally clarify that there is no electrical difference between the various model types KH-900, KH-910, KH-950(i), KH-965(i), and even the CK-35.
The only difference are the various kinds of connector types, which vary between connectors with 2.5 mm spacing, 2.0 mm spacing, and mixed usage of them.

Additionally, we started to have a deeper look into the control of the external peripherals (color-changer, motor) of the CK-35. Victoria even supplied us with some hardware, which we took back to Munich so we can do some more investigations in the near future.

And last but not least, some news about the availability of shields: We are currently doing some last tests on the next generation of shields, which will only be available as a kit for self-soldering. More information about this soon!